Current projects include:

Concurrent TMS-fMRI to causally investigate functional connectivity

With support from a Royal Society Leverulme Trust Senior Research Fellowhip, we are using the challenging approach of concurrent TMS-fMRI to causally test new approaches for measuring functionally connected networks of brain regions both at rest and during cognitive task performance, with the aim of establishing TMS-fMRI as an important tool for functional connectomics. Watch this space for developments...

How distractors are dealt with by the brain during working memory & attention

Some theoretical models of working memory suggest that interference may be a key determinant of why we forget information from working memory. One potent source of interference comes from distractors in our external environment. In a series of experiments using concurrent TMS-fMRI, the role of the prefrontal cortex in the mitigation of distractors is under investigation. Visiting Ph.D. student, Jade Jackson, used concurrent TMS-fMRI to see how parts of the multiple demand network respond during the selection of relevant versus irrelevant information. This is part of an exciting collaboration between evalab and Dr Alexandra Woolgar from Macquarie University.